Can you guess what Google did to help you?

In collaboration with the Word Health Organization (WHO), Google has programmed a 40-second song that would play through the Assistance command when you’re washing your hands. If the Control for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) are to be believed then 97% of the time people don’t wash their hands properly, ideally it lasts for 5 seconds to 20 seconds. But as per the WHO, for a minimum of 40 seconds the hands need to be washed if you wish to beat Coronavirus or COVID-19 or whatever you wish to call it.

When you wish to wash the hands all you have to say is ” Google, need help washing my hands”. This will click the Google Assistant to play the 40 second song. All you have to do is start when washing your hands when the song start and end it when the song ends. That is it.

If you are wondering how the song would be, here it is.

Review: Samsung S20

This time Samsung has jumped literally 10 versions and have gone ahead with the un-official unpacking of Samsung S20. The price tag would be about $1000 So the question here arises is, is worth a buy. Let us have a look at what features have been introduced with it. Oh, just to let you know, there two more S20 phones which are launched along with Samsung S20, they are Samsung S20 Plus and Samsung S20 Ultra.

Let us review the Samsung S20 camera. Samsung S20 camera have triple lens. There are three things which are note worthy.

First: The pixel size has increased from S10’s 1.4 microns to 1.8 which essentially means that the photo would be much clearer.

Second: The main camera, without any change in pixels, has increased from S10’s 12 MP to 64 MP whilst the digital zooming has increased to 30 times and optical zoom 3 times.

And, Third: It has been claimed that the image quality specially at the night has changed mammothlike since Samsung S7

There is a good news for the video creators as well. If you are into video edition and like profession, you would be able to crop and edit videos even if the recording is in 8K Video. The phone is powered by 12 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage and guess what, if you wish to increase the storage you can do via Micro SD card.

With a 6.2 inch display and resolution of HD+ at 2220 x 1080 the screen along with videos and images are quite sharp. If you are gamer, there is a good news. The Samsung S20 has increased it phone responsiveness to 240 Hz so that the slightest finger touch on the screen can result it almost instant result.

Below are the specs of S20 at a glance:

Weight: 163g
Dimensions: 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm
OS: Android 10
Screen size: 6.2 inches
Resolution: QHD+ (563ppi)
Refresh rate: 120Hz
Storage: 128GB + microSD
Battery: 4,000mAh
Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP + 64MP
Front camera: 10MP

The phone is expected to release on March 6 in US, UAE and Australia and in the UK it is expected to hit the market on March 13.

This Video Editor App has a Malware! Beware…

Are you using a video editing or convertor software of VSDC by any chance? Or do you plan to install it anytime soon? Well, there is some bad news for you. According to a Dr Web Report, VSDC has been hijacked by a group of hackers and have attached a malware along with it. So basically if you download VSDC, the malware will start doing its work without you even noticing it. This malware helps the hackers to bypass the anti-virus programs and your entire system would be at their mercy.

According to the Dr Web Report, if you download the video software’s link from the CNET’s website then your system would indeed be infected. The report further claimed that it was used for target based location across the globe. As per the latest data, CNET attracts nearly 90 million views. So the hackers really have a huge database to infect.

The trojan helps the hackers to take control of the RDP Protocol, Predator The Thief Stealer, System BC trojan-proxy and X-Key Logger. Another compromised file included NordVPN as well.

Just so you know the malware attacks your system in two ways:


Once the user clicks on the link, they would be led to downloads[.]videosfotdev[.]com, which ofcourse is a fake yet malicious domain name. You would have to click this website to install the software.


Once the click happens, the trojan establishes directory %userappdata% along with genuine files. Among the files there is a .dll file called “Backdoor.TeamViewer”. Once these two steps are done, it manages to bypass antivirus and helps the hackers take control of your system.

Here is a screenshot taken by Dr. Web from CNET:

Apparently, Dr Web had managed to speak with the VSDC guys and below was their response:

Thank you, Dr.Web team, for prompt warning and cooperation! Since yesterday the download file has been restored to the legitimate one and all the corresponding security measures have been taken, VSDC said.

Here is how Google Plans to Change the Music for you!

How often has it happened that you had to switch between different apps just to hear your favourite music? Well, YouTube has come up with a solution to fix this problem. They are planning on integrating the Google Music Library with the YouTube music app and that is the end of it. You would never ever have to switch apps just because you did not get you hear your favourite music.

This feature of integrating music does exist but within the trial version of the YouTube Music. Once the integration is done, your favourite music would come up in all the devices you use on regular basis, without you having to do anything.

The carpet for this plan was laid back in 2017. The Google Music Playlist and the YouTube Music were quite different from each other. But they decided for an amalgamation of music libraries. The music libraries included: catalogues, playlists, and preferences. Atlast in 2018, Google executive T.Jay Fowler confirmed the amalgamation to the Verge through a tweet.

Guess Where Latest Satellite it Headed – The Sun!

A successful joint operation between the NASA and the ESA ( European Space Agency) has resulted in the Solar Orbit travelling to the Sun to study its poles. The Solar Orbit, reportedly of size of a van, took off in United Alliance’s Atlas V rocket on 9th Feb at 12:24 AM. The Solar Orbit would take about 2 years to make its first acquaintance with the Sun, rather polar region of the Sun. If the NASA scientists are to be believed then the study of the Sun’s poles can help Manned Moon missions quite safer.

The satellite plans to pass through Venus and leveraging on its gravity, Solar Orbit plans to propel itself towards the Sun. Among other things, Solar Orbit plans to study the Sun’s magnetic field, flares and atmosphere. Although the satellite would have the flaps open, it would be protected by a sheet of titanium which would be coated with a material called SolarBlack. This combination can withstand heat upto 600 degree Celsius or 1100 degree Fahrenheit.

“Together with our European partners, we’re entering a new era of heliophysics that will transform the study of the Sun and help make astronauts safer as they travel on Artemis program missions to the Moon,” said NASA associate administrator Thomas Zurbuchen in a statement.

Have a look at the take off of the Solar Orbit:

Coronavirus Affect: Four Tech Giants Pull Out of Mobile World Congress

With just 15 days to go, four major tech companies have withdrawn their names from participation in the Mobile World Congress. The tech event it scheduled to happen in Barcelona between 25 Feb and 28 Feb. The Novel Corona Virus has set off alarms in such a manner that companies like Amazon, NVIDIA, Sony, LG and ZTE have withdrawn their names in a bid to protect their employees from the global emergency, thereby removing the risk of getting infected.

These steps have been taken despite the fact that there are solid ground rules to make sure that the infected people don’t come to the Mobile Word Congress. The guidelines laid down by the GSM are as follows:

  • All travellers from the Hubei province will not be permitted access to the event
  • All travellers who have been in China will need to demonstrate proof they have been outside of China 14 days prior to the event (passport stamp, health certificate)
  • Temperature screening will be implemented
  • Attendees will need to self-certify they have not been in contact with anyone infected.

Sony has taken an alternative way to showcase their product. The Sony would initiate a press conference through official Xperia’s YouTube channel at 8:30 AM (CET) on the 24th Feb. NVIDIA on the other hand appreciated the guidelines laid down by the GSM. They had planned to show case Artificial Intelligence, 5G and vRAN, however, because of the threat to employees they had to cancel.

The Corona Virus has taken lives of nearly 900 people and have infected about 30,000 people across the globe. The Mobile World Congress is expected to attract about 5000 – 6000 people from China, who would showcase their mobile tech to the world.

Here are the statements:

Sony’s statement:

Sony has been closely monitoring the evolving situation following the novel coronavirus outbreak, which was declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization on January 30th, 2020.

As we place the utmost importance on the safety and wellbeing of our customers, partners, media and employees, we have taken the difficult decision to withdraw from exhibiting and participating at MWC 2020 in Barcelona, Spain.

The Sony press conference will now instead take place at the scheduled time of 8:30am (CET) on February 24, 2020 as a video via our official Xperia YouTube channel to share our exciting product news.

NVIDIA’s statement:

We’ve informed GSMA, the organizers of MWC Barcelona, that we won’t be sending our employees to this year’s event.

Given public health risks around the coronavirus, ensuring the safety of our colleagues, partners and customers is our highest concern.

MWC Barcelona is one of the world’s most important technology conferences. We’ve been looking forward to sharing our work in AI, 5G and vRAN with the industry. We regret not attending, but believe this is the right decision.

We’re grateful for GSMA’s leadership and continued efforts to ensure the safety of all attendees.

Amazon’s statement:

Due to the outbreak and continued concerns about novel coronavirus, Amazon will withdraw from exhibiting and participating in Mobile World Congress 2020, scheduled for Feb. 24-27 in Barcelona, Spain.

Is your Android Phone Attacked by Malware?

Better be careful if you are using an Android phone. If a report from ERNW is to be believed then there is a malware which are infecting the Android phone via Bluetooth and the worse part is that you wont even know whilst it is infecting your phone. The name of that malware is BlueFrag. The most infectious versions are Android 8 Oreo and Android 9 Pie and lower OS. According to the ERNW, the only thing which the malware needs is Bluetooth MAC address. Usually it is quite easy to figure it out if one manages to have a peek at the WiFi MAC address.

As of now the malware doesn’t affect on the Android 10 version, so a temp fix as of now is reportedly updating your phone’s OS to Android 10. However, here too there is a small problem. The update is available only on those phones which are about 2 years old. If your phone is more than 2 years old and if there is malware problem then there would be no fix at all, except buying a new phone.

Numerically speaking maximum phone today would be running on versions less than Android 10, if that is the case then please update your phone OS to Android right away.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Vs Motorola Razr

With just a day left for the official launch of Samsung S20, there are rumours that Samsung’s much awaited foldable phone – Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be launched as well. If reports are meant to be true the specifications have already been leaked.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855+ Octa core processer with a robust RAM of 8 GB. The phone is rumoured to be equipped with three cameras, including dual cameras with 12 megapixel primary sensor, the third camera (the selfie one) would be 10 megapixel one. The phone’s display is expected to be 6.7 inches and will also have finger print sensor by the side. The variant is expected to be compatible with 5G.

The cost of this handset might fall between $1850 and $2000 a piece.

In competition with Samsung, there is only one phone as of now – Motorola Razr. This foldable phone has two screens, one being 2.7 inch and the other one being 6.2 inches. The 2.7 inch one is a small panel while the other one is OLED. Powered by Snapdragon 710 SoC, this phone boasts of 2 cameras, one with 16 megapixel and the other one with 5 mega pixel. This phone has a price tag of $1500.00

It is worth noting that there are experts who are of opinion that this phone, the Motorola Razr couldn’t withstand the foldable test which was performed by CNet. It clearly did not work the way it was supposed to be. The phone reportedly gave up around 27000 folds, however, Samsung Galaxy Fold kept itself sturdy even after 120,000 folds. However, it was just an experiment and it in no way testifies any fact against the durability of the phone.

Here is a small video of experiment:

Things People are Doing to Generate Electricity

If a bunch of geniuses from City University of Hong Kong have their way, they are all set to make the rain droplets a new source of energy. Yes, they can that just a drop of rain released from just 15 cms would be enough for them to engineer a way out to generate electricity that can power almost 100 small LED bulbs for a short while.

The engineers claim to have generated this power using the kinetic energy, which is generated from gravity . When this kinetic energy is met with few minerals of rain droplets, it causes a friction and causes electricity as a result. They have been able to ascertain that the energy can be generated but for how long, is yet to be determined.

Items such as Umbrellas and water bottles that get wet a lot in rain are listed as potential source of energy.

Here is what Daily Mail says about this:

The researchers’ new energy harvesting design overcomes these limitations in two different ways.

First, the team used a material called polytetrafluoroethylene (or PTFE) which has a quasi-permanent electric charge.

They found that when drops hit PTFE, the charges on its surface gradually build up until they reach a saturation point — allowing them to overcome the bottleneck presented by previous approaches that could only build up small charges

Here is a small video of it:

Researchers at the University of California have theorized that if the way the solar panel works is reversed to exact opposite then the solar panels can provide electricity at night also. They have named it anti-solar panels. Normally solar panels work by capturing sunlight and then it releases energy but the anti-solar panels would work by releasing energy from earth to space. If the theory is expected to be believed then anti-solar would generate a quarter of energy of what it would generally generate in sunlight.

Here is what the researchers have to say:

“In order to produce electrical power after the sun has set, we consider an alternative photovoltaic concept that uses the earth as a heat source and the night sky as a heat sink, resulting in a ‘nighttime photovoltaic cell’ that employs thermo-radiative photovoltaics and concepts from the advancing field of radiative cooling,” researchers explain in the study published.

Here is a small video that would help you understand:

They Spy on your Mouse Movements

OneZero of Medium reports that of-late your mouse movements are being tracked and that data is replayed over and over again to determine what the customer actually wants. It helps them study the customer behaviour. To the company’s surprise there are even software which calculates the number of times your mouse was hovering a particular link or a page or an item.

Famous sites like Zillow, Teespring, Airbnb, Reddit and Carfax use such services to determine the likes and dislikes of customers. Among others there are even sites like Shopify, ABC and eBay who use such services.

These movements help companies to determine the degree of tweakness to be done on the website so that customers are influenced to buy a product of service. There are times when we click on ‘buy’ a product but then we lose interest by the time we check out, the software helps these companies to tweak their site in such a way that the customers are encouraged to complete the checkout order.

There are more cases reported of your mouse movement being spied on the internet by anti-virus giant known as Avast. According to investigations done by PCMag and Motherboard, it has come to light that Avast spies, collects and harvest data down to the milli-second and pay up for the costs they incur when they offer something for free to the customers.

According to Jumpshot, these data are packaged in a better way and are sold to companies like Google, Microsoft, Intuit etc. This package which is sold include information on clicks on products and movements with time. This helps the tech giants determine the consumer behaviour and at the end of the day help the company as a whole.

Here is what PC Mag has to say:

“The data collected is so granular that clients can view the individual clicks users are making on their browsing sessions, including the time down to the millisecond. And while the collected data is never linked to a person’s name, email or IP address, each user history is nevertheless assigned to an identifier called the device ID, which will persist unless the user uninstalls the Avast antivirus product.”

– PCMag