This Video Editor App has a Malware! Beware…

Are you using a video editing or convertor software of VSDC by any chance? Or do you plan to install it anytime soon? Well, there is some bad news for you. According to a Dr Web Report, VSDC has been hijacked by a group of hackers and have attached a malware along with it. So basically if you download VSDC, the malware will start doing its work without you even noticing it. This malware helps the hackers to bypass the anti-virus programs and your entire system would be at their mercy.

According to the Dr Web Report, if you download the video software’s link from the CNET’s website then your system would indeed be infected. The report further claimed that it was used for target based location across the globe. As per the latest data, CNET attracts nearly 90 million views. So the hackers really have a huge database to infect.

The trojan helps the hackers to take control of the RDP Protocol, Predator The Thief Stealer, System BC trojan-proxy and X-Key Logger. Another compromised file included NordVPN as well.

Just so you know the malware attacks your system in two ways:


Once the user clicks on the link, they would be led to downloads[.]videosfotdev[.]com, which ofcourse is a fake yet malicious domain name. You would have to click this website to install the software.


Once the click happens, the trojan establishes directory %userappdata% along with genuine files. Among the files there is a .dll file called “Backdoor.TeamViewer”. Once these two steps are done, it manages to bypass antivirus and helps the hackers take control of your system.

Here is a screenshot taken by Dr. Web from CNET:

Apparently, Dr Web had managed to speak with the VSDC guys and below was their response:

Thank you, Dr.Web team, for prompt warning and cooperation! Since yesterday the download file has been restored to the legitimate one and all the corresponding security measures have been taken, VSDC said.

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