Can you guess what Google did to help you?

In collaboration with the Word Health Organization (WHO), Google has programmed a 40-second song that would play through the Assistance command when you’re washing your hands. If the Control for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) are to be believed then 97% of the time people don’t wash their hands properly, ideally it lasts for 5 seconds to 20 seconds. But as per the WHO, for a minimum of 40 seconds the hands need to be washed if you wish to beat Coronavirus or COVID-19 or whatever you wish to call it.

When you wish to wash the hands all you have to say is ” Google, need help washing my hands”. This will click the Google Assistant to play the 40 second song. All you have to do is start when washing your hands when the song start and end it when the song ends. That is it.

If you are wondering how the song would be, here it is.

Here is how Google Plans to Change the Music for you!

How often has it happened that you had to switch between different apps just to hear your favourite music? Well, YouTube has come up with a solution to fix this problem. They are planning on integrating the Google Music Library with the YouTube music app and that is the end of it. You would never ever have to switch apps just because you did not get you hear your favourite music.

This feature of integrating music does exist but within the trial version of the YouTube Music. Once the integration is done, your favourite music would come up in all the devices you use on regular basis, without you having to do anything.

The carpet for this plan was laid back in 2017. The Google Music Playlist and the YouTube Music were quite different from each other. But they decided for an amalgamation of music libraries. The music libraries included: catalogues, playlists, and preferences. Atlast in 2018, Google executive T.Jay Fowler confirmed the amalgamation to the Verge through a tweet.